A good quality stove should last you a long time but there are a few things to look out for to ensure it will run smoothly for as long as possible.

  1. Ensure it has been fitted correctly by a qualified person.  if its not fitted to regulation or manufacturers guidelines in the first place this could be dangerous & will effect efficiency & lifespan. For best results ensure your appliance has been lined with the correct liner, is far enough away from combustible materials & fitted, wherever possible by a qualified Hetas installer. A carbon monoxide alarm must be fitted in the same room & within 3 metres of the appliance.  Never forget that solid fuel appliances give off dangerous carbon monoxide!

2.  Maintaining your solid fuel stove.  There are a few items which you will need to keep in good condition to ensure your stove runs smoothly.

Fire bricks or vermiculite boards are needed to deflect the heat away from the back & sides of the fire chamber, these can become cracked & damaged over time, replacements will be available via the supplier of your stove or online. they are all different depending on your make & model so be sure to get the right ones!

Fire rope door & glass seals can become damaged over time & will need replacing periodically, we carry a selection with us so we can replace these if needed when sweeping your stove.

Stove glass can become warped or damaged over time, a cracked piece of stove glass can leak fumes into the room & let too much air into the stove leading to over burning.

A baffle plate is the plate inside your stove at the top, it should be relatively easy to remove allowing access for your sweep to clean your flue, these can become warped & cracked over time. they are designed to control the amount of heat that passes up the flue, a damaged baffle plate can let too much out leading to reduced efficiency & damage to your chimney.  it is advisable to remove this plate once or twice a month to remove any debris that may be sitting on top, if it is allowed to build up it can create a blockage.

3.  Useful items to compliment your stove.  There are a couple of items you may wish to consider purchasing to aid you in the day to day running of your new stove.

Stove pipe thermometer.  These are usually magnetic & stick to your stove pipe giving you an accurate reading of its temperature, they are available online & will ensure you are burning your stove at the correct temperature. Over firing or slumbering can lead to damage of the stove & liner but it will also ensure you are burning your fuel efficiently, it really is a money saver!

Moisture meter.  These are available online & are a must if you burn logs, they can give an accurate digital reading of the moisture content of your wood.  If the moisture is too high it can cause tar & other build ups in your chimney causing damage, ideally you want a moisture reading of 20% or under.

If you are burning your stove at the correct temperature, getting it swept & serviced regularly & are only burning dry wood or good quality coal (not mixing fuels), your stove & liner should last for many happy years!

We at Rooftops & Chimneypots will check over your stove when sweeping & let you know if there are any concerns, replacing parts & giving advise where ever we can.